Today’s Prayer

I have brushed away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like a mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.-Isaiah 44:22

Prayer in Thanks for Forgiveness

Lord, as foremost amongst sinners
I am grateful for your mercy
and forgiveness.

without your grace, I would be lost forever
my failings recalled daily
my weakness, my sins
my willfulness exposed

I am reminded at every opportunity
of the sin that possesses me
of the things I have done
and the things I conspire to do
none are worthy of your compassion
and I am the least deserving of your grace

You have reached out to me
in the depths of my affliction
have brought healing and comfort
and made me whole again

bestow your gracious love upon me
obliterating my sin
the sacrifice of your son on the cross
defeated my enemy

may your forgiveness compel me
to remain faithful to you
to avoid sin
so that I may not suffer under your justice

do not condemn me, Lord
allow me to live within your mercy
forever and ever


Copyright 2021 by Jose Antonio Ponce