Today’s Prayer

For we walk by faith and not by sight 2 Cor 5:7

The Soul of a Dog

make me more like my dog

he is always faithful
never straying from his love for me
he remains close to my side
at every hour
free to roam but ever obedient

when he is away from me
he is anxious, seeking me in every place
and when I return
he is overjoyed by my presence

he finds comfort in me
trusts in me without question
and understands that I will look after him

he never worries for want
never takes more than is needed to satisfy him
and knows that I will always provide

he will not go to war
except to defend his home
and is ever vigilant
guarding against evil
ready to defend me with his life

he does not complain about his infirmities
he simply accepts them as a part of his life
and moves forward with faith
that joy will find him as he is

how could such a living being have no soul?
he is more faithful,
more loving,
more trusting,
more giving
than any man I have ever known
and he has taught me the lesson
that love can be unconditional

Copyright 2022 by Jose Antonio Ponce