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Here are some of the things Jose can offer for your group, business or just for your entertainment. Every program is designed specifically for your audience and can incorporate your principals, motivate your sales staff or spur your audience to action.

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Christian Concerts

Serving your ministry with inspirational music, workshops and talks that are both educational, humorous and full of real life experiences.


Corporate Events

Make your sales conference, annual retreat or team building experience sing by designing a program specific to your company. Jose's programs are designed to entertain, inform and inspire.

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Public & Private Performance

Customized performances available for your resort or theater audience, wedding, anniversary party, non-profit benefit or private gathering.

Our Approach

Booking info

To all of my current and future bookers:

The year 2020 has been hard on all of us. Many of the places that I have played over the past 20 years did not survive the pandemic. Others have had to cut back on future programming because of a loss of revenue.

Festivals, municipal arts programs and non-profits have been hit the hardest. Many of these groups count on a single event each year to generate the revenue to carry them through the rest of the year. Grant money has dried up as state and federal programs tighten their belts.

Artists, well, we have never been the most forward-thinking people in the world. Performers suddenly found themselves not only unemployed at the normally most lucrative time of the year, but also without the safety net of unemployment compensation that most people have access to.

Music is important. It ended Apartheid in South Africa. It has helped to feed millions of starving people around the globe, rescued farmers in America, brought attention to political and social issues that need the light of day upon them and has helped to free those unjustly imprisoned.

Most of all, is has been a comfort to nearly all who hear it. It can bring joy to the hopeless and freedom to the oppressed. In many places where music has been censured, the first thing people do when they are free is to sing. We need music.

I encourage all venues, municipalities, arts organizations and private groups to hire local musicians. If you want me to be a part of your festival, corporate event, arts or church program, I will work with you to help you stay within your limited budget. I’m happy to ask my friends, some famous, some not so famous to come along and make your event a success.

I want all of my partners to be as successful as they once were. If you don’t know who in your community you can hire, reach out to me and I will find someone for you. I will do my best to help bring your community programming back. All it takes is a phone call. 505-269-7777

With every performance, Jose provides a free workshop for the community. The newest is Why Music Matters, chronicling not only the moments in history when music helped change the world but the wonderful social, therapeutic and educational benefits of music and music programs.

These workshops range in content from copyright and publishing to more creative endeavors like songwriting and everything in between.

Jose Antonio Ponce offers a wide variety of performance and media packages and can customize a program for your corporate or non-profit event, church group, resort, theater or venue audience, team building experience, private or corporate function.

For larger performance venues and events, the Windsor Creek Trio is available. The band plays classic and original folk and Americana music.

Jose Antonio Ponce also tours with award winning songwriters and musicians from around the country including Larry Mitchell, Lisa Carman, Anna Rudolph, Richard Martin, Jaime Michaels, Zenobia, Lara Manzanares, Greg Johns and many more. (Artist availability subject to tour schedule and location.)

Jose Antonio Ponce is also available for recording sessions, playing acoustic guitar and bass and singing tenor and high harmony.

Our Story

Performance rates

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A corporate, solo theater, festival or small venue performance by Jose Antonio Ponce is $500.00 + travel and accommodations for two (2) people or a flat rate of $750.00. This performance is comprised of two (2) 40 minute sets and a ten (10) minute intermission.

Consecutive performances (3+) at the same venue earn a discounted rate of $50.00 per performance.

Dual performances featuring Jose Antonio Ponce and a guest artist are $700.00 + separate travel costs and accommodations for four (4) or a 900.00 flat rate. Each performance consists of two (2) 30 minute sets by each artist and one 20 minute set featuring both artists.

For full band performances (up to 4 additional members), talent fees, travel and accommodations costs increase.

A solo performance in your venue is $350.00 + travel and accommodations. This performance is comprised of three (3) 45 minute sets.

Consecutive performances (3+) at the same venue earn a discounted rate of $50.00 per performance.

Cost for specialty performances such as weddings, memorials, private parties, house concerts and receptions are based on location, length of performance, special material and instrumentation.

Local (New Mexico) and non-profit performances may be produced at a lower rate. Sound system provided by the venue. The artist will provide a sound system at a cost based on market rates.

Church and non-profit rates are based upon the group's budget. Church and benefit performances are tailored to the church or non-profit program.

Public theater, festival, corporate and church performances include one free workshop on the day of the performance.

Windsor Creek Trio performances are $3000.00 + airfare and accommodations in the continental US or a $5000.00 flat rate. The venue must provide a sound system that meets band specs and a sound engineer.

Recording sessions are $50.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.

Film and television performance/composition based on union/non-union industry market rates.

Workshops rates.

Music and Motivational Workshops start at $200.00 + travel and accommodations or a flat rate of $350.00. Guest presenters are paid an additional $75.00 fee each per workshop. Workshop topics include:

Specialty workshops are devised and created for specific programs and costs are based on the needs of the program.

Recent Clients

  • New Mexico Law Board
  • Mimbres Arts Council
  • New Mexico Arts & the Military
  • New Mexico Jazz Workshop
  • Albuquerque Songwriter's Cooperative
  • Gilbert Sanchez Charter High School
  • New Mexico Arts
  • Sierra County Hospital
  • St John's College, Santa Fe
  • Albuquerque Folk Festival
  • City of Albuquerque
  • City of Gallup
  • City of Rio Rancho
  • Jean Cocteau Theater, Santa Fe
  • New Mexico Library Association
  • Curry County Chamber of Commerce
  • Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts
  • Norman Oklahoma Music Institute

Booking info

To book a show today, contact us at or call 505-269-7777.

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