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Jose Antonio Ponce is an Independent Music on Tour (IM Tour) vetted artist. Your non-profit venue or group may be eligible for funding through the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) via the IM Tour and TourWest grant programs. For more information on how your venue can become eligible for funding, go to

Each theater or non-profit performance comes with a same day basic workshop of your choice and include such topics as Copyright, Publishing, Marketing to Film & TV, Songwriting, Understanding Contracts, Booking Basics, Recording and Pre-production, Tour Intelligence, Tech workshops and more.

Jose Antonio Ponce offers a wide variety of performance and media packages and can customize a program for your corporate or non-profit event, church group, resort, theater or venue audience, team building experience, private or corporate function.

For larger performance venues and events, the Windsor Creek Trio is available. The band plays classic and original folk and Americana music.

Jose Antonio Ponce also tours with award winning songwriters and musicians from around the country including Larry Mitchell, Lisa Carman, Anna Rudolph, Richard Martin, Jaime Michaels, Zenobia, Lara Manzanares, Greg Johns and many more. (Artist availability subject to tour schedule and location.)

Jose Antonio Ponce is also available for recording sessions, playing acoustic guitar and bass and singing tenor and high harmony.

Performance rates

photo by LM Rusaw

A corporate, solo theater, festival or small venue performance by Jose Antonio Ponce is $500.00 + travel and accommodations for two (2) people or a flat rate of $700.00. This performance is 90 minutes and comprised of two (2) 40 minute sets and a ten (10) minute intermission.

Consecutive performances (3+) at the same venue earn a discounted rate of $50.00 per performance.

Dual performances featuring Jose Antonio Ponce and a guest artist are $700.00 + separate travel costs and accommodations for four (4) or a 900.00 flat rate. Each performance consists of two (2) 40 minute sets by each artist and one 20 minute set featuring both artists.

For full band performances (up to 4 additional members), talent fees, travel and accommodations costs increase.

A solo three hour public performance for your brewpub, restaurant or lounge from Jose Antonio Ponce is $300.00 + travel and accommodations. This performance is comprised of three (3) 45 minute sets.

Consecutive performances (3+) at the same venue earn a discounted rate of $50.00 per performance.

Cost for specialty performances for weddings, memorials, private parties, house concerts and receptions are based on location, length of performance, special material and instrumentation.

Local (New Mexico) and non-profit performances may be produced at a lower rate. Sound system provided by the venue. The artist will provide a sound system at a cost based on market rates.

Church and non-profit rates are based upon the group's budget. Church and benefit performances are tailored to the church or non-profit program.

Public theater, festival, corporate and church performances include one free workshop on the day of the performance.

Windsor Creek Trio performances are $3000.00 + airfare and accommodations in the continental US or a $5000.00 flat rate. The venue must provide a sound system that meets band specs and a sound engineer.

Recording sessions are $50.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.

Film and television performance/composition based on union/non-union industry market rates.

Workshops rates.

Standard Workshops are $100.00 + travel and accommodations or a flat rate of $200.00. Guest presenters are paid an additional $75.00 fee. Standard Workshop topics include:

  • Copyright & Publishing
  • Contracts
  • Booking
  • Marketing to film & television
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Songwriting
  • Pre-production & recording
  • Money management

Specialty workshops are devised and created for specific programs and costs are based on the needs of the program.

Booking info

To book a show today, contact us at or call 505-269-7777.

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Here are some of the things I can offer you for your group, business or just for your entertainment.

Christian Concerts

Let us serve you and your ministry with music, humor and teaching that is entertaining and instructive.

Corporate Events

Make your sales conference, annual retreat or team building experience sing by designing a program specific to your company.

Public & Private Performance

Customized performances available for your resort or theater audience, wedding, anniversary party, non-profit benefit or private gathering.

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