The Music of My Life-A Serial

For years I have wanted to write a book about my favorite songs and why they have made an impact on me and, often, on the rest of the world. The list, initially limited to one song per each year of my life seemed simple, but as time went on I kept remembering more and more songs that meant something to me. It seemed I was never going to get this book finished.

Enter an idea proposed by a friend telling me to put them together as a series. Each week, I release a page or two about the latest song. Some are standards and easily recognized. Others are gems that maybe you’ve never heard. I’ll introduce you to the songwriters, the genesis of the song and explain why it became so popular or was completely ignored by the recording industry.

Each episode includes lyrics, sometimes misheard, often censored by broadcasters and my take on why the song is so good.

The serial is available on Kindle Vella. Just click the link here to get there. The first ten episodes are free.