All songs written by Jose Antonio Ponce unless otherwise indicated.

My Baby Likes To Drive Fast with Larry Mitchell, Gerg Overton, Maud Beenhower and Joe Gabel

These Are Not My Stars

Come Out Girl-Produced and additional instrumentation by Larry Mitchell

I Don't Like Women Like Me

I'm Afraid I Can't

Everything's Going According To Plan

Life Goes On and On

Friends live with Larry Mitchell, Greg Overton, Maud Beenhower, Hillary Smith and Joe Gabel

Scotch & Soda with Maud Beenhower on bass(Dave Guard)

Gee Baby, Ain't I good To You (Andy Razaf & Don Redman)

Tomorrow is a Long Time (Bob Dylan)

Frankie & Johnnie with the Windsor Creek Trio (Public Domain/Traditional)

The Transaction-My First Guitar from the American Public Media program Marketplace