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The life of Jesus in Song

For the longest time, I have wanted to produce a program that told the story of Jesus in song, from his birth through his ministry and onto his death and resurrection.

The program is a soft, acoustic performance and features original songs from my repertoire including The Nazarene, Who is This Man?, and The Good Thief.

A Tribute to Hoyt Axton

Hoyt Axton was one of the truly great American songwriters, writing or co-authoring hits including Greenback Dollar for the Kingston Trio, The Pusher and Snowblind Friend for Steppenwolf, Joy to the World and Never Been to Spain for Three Dog Night and the No No Song for Ringo Starr.

Hoyt also had numerous hits on his own including Boney Fingers, Lion in the Winter, Jealous Man, Evangelina, When the Morning Comes, Flash of Fire, The Devil and Water For My Horses.

This mostly forgotten master of song gets the royal treatment, playing Hoyt's hits as well as some of his favorites including You're the Hangnail in My Life.

I worked briefly for the composer as a guitar tech when he toured America in the early 80s. I will tell you stories that will make you smile and make you think.

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Touring Route 66

April of 2026 will be the 100th anniversary of the completion of Route 66. The iconic highway that connects Chicago to the Los Angeles area is being celebrated all across this country.

With music and stories all about the mother road including Bobby Troup's composition, Get Your Kicks on Route 66 and Nelson Riddle's theme song to the iconic 1950s television show, Route 66, you'll hear songs about every stop along the way and some of those in between.

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Always available

A Tribute to our Veterans

One of the things that I have been doing for the past couple of decades is working with veterans across the country. For years, I taught guitar at the VA center in my home town of Albuquerque and throughout the year and while on tour, I produce Therapeutic Songwriting Workshops for veterans where I hire local songwriters to spend a day listening to the stories of vets and their experiences serving in the military. Sometimes, the stories are heartbreaking, but they can also be humorous and inspiring.

I never served, but I have a great respect for those who have and for those men and women who continue to serve to this day. This show tells the stories of veterans from their point of view because these are songs written by the veterans themselves with the aid of our cadre of songwriters. These are the stories of real men and women who have served bravely and valiantly in any number of trying situations.

This concert comes with a special, private roundtable discussion for veterans.

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The Great American Songbook

America is home to some of the greatest music ever written. The songs are referred to as "standards" by the community of musicians for one reason; because these are the songs you must know. Hear great music from master songwriters like Sammy Cahn, Hoagy Carmichael, Bacharach and David, the Gershwins, Duke Ellington and more contemporary writers like Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Vince Gill, songs that have become part of the lexicon of great American Music.

This performance can be tailored to your audience, whether it is a group of hard core country fans or jazz aficionados.

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All original music in (nearly) any style

While I am a great fan of jazz, I have written music in almost every style including Christian, Country, Jazz, Acoustic Pop and Rock, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Folk and Americana. Just tell me what you want to hear.

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Your favorite pop covers from the 50s and beyond.

You've heard them all. The Temptations My Girl, Carol King's You've Got a Friend, The Flamingo's I Only Have Eyes For You. These are the songs we grew up on and bring back fond memories. I can tailor the show to any decade specifically for your audience. With hundreds of songs in my repertoire, I can entertain almost anybody.

Kid Stuff

Kids are people too. And they like music like everyone else. I've got stuff that entertains and educates that they will love.

Sure. I do weddings.

Just tell me what you want to hear and I'll play it for you, from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception and beyond.

Inspirational and Motivational Speaking

If you want to hear about my life or the lives of others I have met along the way, I can tell you stories that will make you feel good about living your life in the greatest country on earth. There is no shortage of stories that can inspire, encourage and motivate, some from famous people and others from everyday individuals who simply found the courage to do the right thing at the right time.

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Book chats and signings

I am happy to talk about the writing process, where my characters come from, how the research process makes my stories come to life and emerging authors can find their way to publication. Couple this with a publishing workshop to give your audience the tools they need to succeed in the literary world.

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Jose Antonio Ponce-A Quick Hit

Willis Alan Ramsey once trashed his hotel shower. Ice T admitted to him that he really didn't like playing a cop. Eva Longoria asked him to teach her the lyrics to the Mexican Canto, Las Manañitas.

Singer, Songwriter, Author, Actor and Film maker Jose Antonio Ponce began  performing in clubs at age 16. When he wasn't on stage, he had to stand outside the club to avoid breaking the law. He could work in a bar, he just couldn't hang there.

At 17, he sold his first song  for $500.00. Inspired by his sister's success as a poet, he also began writing poetry.

At 18, Jose attended a Jefferson Airplane concert and was hired by concert promoter Bill Graham for the rest of the tour. Backstage, he learned riffs and technique from band members Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen.

In 1977, Jose became one of two road managers for Led Zeppelin's last North American tour, managing one of two sound and lighting crews leapfrogging each other across the country. He then went to roadie for the 1978 Outlaw tour with Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. He ended his tour career as guitar tech for Hoyt Axton in 1980.

In his early 20s, Jose was introduced to jazz which changed his musical perspective. He stopped playing rock and folk music to concentrate on acoustic jazz. He played bass and guitar in small clubs around the country, and was introduced to  jazz masters like Milt Hinton, Ray Brown, Zoot Simms, Peter Appleyard, Lou Soloff, Howard Ellis, Art Pepper, Dexter Gordon and many more.

In 1980, he was cast as a "Mexican" in a TV mini-series filming in Santa Fe. He continues to to play a Mexican in film and television including Sicario, Paul, Better Call Saul, Alex and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Day and others . His experience spurred Jose to write about the movies for a few national magazines. He has produced or co-produced several films and music videos.

In 1986, Jose took a job in radio as an on air personality and later, as a record promoter. In 1988, he volunteered for the newly formed New Mexico Music Industry Coalition, (NM-MIC) an organization dedicated to the promotion of New Mexico artists, producers, songwriters and engineers.

In 1990, he joined the national folk group the Windsor Creek Trio and continues to tour with the band.

In October, 2001 Jose married his love Kathy and in 2005, after the passing of NM MIC co-founder Eric Larson, Jose and Kathy took the reins of the awards program as owners and producers and re-branded it the New Mexico Music Awards.

In 2012, Jose wrote Lunch Hour, a book of short stories. He has since written several more books including a second book of short stories, a book of poetry, a book of proverbs, a novel and a book of prayers. He is currently working on several book projects.

Jose has hundreds of stories from a lifetime in music and film, from breakfast with Brenda Russell to dinner with Barry White. With tons of songs in his repertoire, he can play anything; country, jazz, blues, folk and more. Jose's shows are entertaining and crowd pleasing.

Jose continues to write and sell his music to national and international artists, film and TV. Through the New Mexico Music Awards, he works to promote New Mexico musicians as artists globally and to film and television.

Jose is available for book discussions, author's roundtables, music performances and acting gigs year round anywhere in the continental US.

Book him now at writerjoseponce@gmail.com

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