Today’s Poetry

What I Saw Today

I sat on the beach

enjoying the green Atlantic

in all its grandeur

waves crashing around me

a gull flew low over the beach

another soared high over the open sea

a flock of small grey and white Sanderlings

chased the retreating waves

pecking at the sand

and retreated quickly as the tide returned

never once getting their feet wet

larger Sandpipers stood majestically

watching it all

a woman in very skimpy bikini

tried to decide where to sun herself

her surfer boyfriend

paddled out into the surf

to catch a few small waves

a toddler took his first steps into the surf

with the help of his mother

a black Boxer with a white chest

splashed playfully

excited as can be

as the sun set

the full moon rose

brilliant orange

shining off of the waves

as God said


Copyright 2022 by Jose Antonio Ponce