Today’s Poetry

Not Enough Prayers

There are not enough prayers in this world to go ‘round
In a place that continues to confuse and confound.
I pray for the living. For those who have passed.
The sick and infirm for whom the die has been cast.

I pray for those trapped by war’s insanity.
For the children, especially, and for all of humanity.
For people impoverished. For those trapped by greed.
The unemployed, the homeless and so many in need.

I pray for our leaders that they might put aside
their ego, their hubris, arrogance and pride.
and make the best choices as all leaders should
to do right by the people and choose only good.

I pray for the teacher, the doctor, the nurse.
The people who make our lives better, not worse.
For policemen and women, firefighters and more.
For those fighting for freedom on some distant shore.

For the janitor, and garbageman out on the street
Putting in 40 hours trying to make end’s meet.
For the housewife, the parent and the single mom.
For the Catholic, the Buddhist, and those born to Islam.

I pray for the newlyweds just starting their life.
Those widowed after years losing a husband or wife.
For my mother and father and brother passed away
and for old friends that I seem to lose everyday.

I pray for my country. I pray for my town.
I pray for the world that keeps spinning round.
I pray that in this life we might someday amend
our penchant for selfishness lest we meet our end.

I pray for myself to be humble and contrite
that I might show compassion and always do right.
To be an example of Christ’s shining glory
and that I may be part of His wonderful story

But mostly I say prayers of thanks for God’s grace.
For the things he’s bestowed. For his loving embrace.
Without his love and his Son’s sacrifice
we would all have to pay a terrible price.

Copyright 2024 by Jose Antonio Ponce