Today’s Poetry

Here’s a look back to 10 years ago and the release of my first book of poetry which won no awards and went largely unnoticed. I guess I had to start somewhere. In the book you’ll find poetry about growing up, lust, love, life and aging. If you are a fan of poetry (or not) you can find the book and Kindle versions online at

Poetry & Prose

No one anymore knows

the difference between poetry and prose.

Prose is OK.

I write some most every day.

Poetry has meter, rhythm and rhyme.

Prose can wander anywhere, anytime.

Alliteration, symbolism, metaphor and simile

is poetry’s connection from you to me.

Prose is the antonym, the rebel source.

It has no path. It charts no course.

Though both evoke an emotional response

poetry relies on assonance.

Prose tells its tale with drunken meandering.

Poetry states its case without philandering.

Poetry evokes and imagines in verse.

Prose tells a story in language much worse.

“Just tell me a story without all the fluff.

I don’t need all of that flowery stuff!”

Indeed, to be prosaic is to speak straight away.

No colorful words to get in the way.

And what of the Sonnet? The Haiku? The Limerick?

Odes? Palindromes? Ballads? Acrostics?

How do these fit? They’re far more complex.

Are they here as a challenge or just for effect?

Whatever the reason we should always recall,

that language is best as a story, after all.

Diamante or Quatrain, Free verse or Rhyme,

the world needs poetry from time to time.

Copyright 2013 by Jose Antonio Ponce