Today’s Poetry

Honoring our veterans today and every day.

Young Turks

I see them standing
in the smoking area of the terminal
just babies
one girl, two boys
trash talking,
swapping stories
just like high school

I think, “They’re too young to smoke.
Too young to use that kind of language.
Too young to yanked away from home
and sent away to someplace
they have no business being.”

they’re here because they have no direction.
because they have found no purpose
for their young lives.
but who has a clue at eighteen
of what they are supposed to be?

watching these kids in this moment
I understand why…
…why we have chosen our children
for this task

it is because they are young
because they are resilient
because they respond
immediately, faithfully, unquestioningly
when we call

after their smoke
they pick up their rucksacks
straighten their uniforms
and head off to war