Today’s Poetry

Here’s something for the holiday season from a forthcoming book. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a blessed new year.

Christmas Day

We’re going to be late for midnight mass!
Do we have to go?
Ugh, Incense!
What a beautiful choir.
I swear, every year that mass gets longer.
Can we drive past the luminarias in Old Town?
You can open one present and only one.
If you don’t go to sleep, Santa won’t come.
Where are the instructions for this thing?
Mom! Dad! Santa came!
Whoo, I got a bike! I’m going to ride it all day.
Oh, honey. What a thoughtful gift.
Ooooh. It’s just what I wanted.
Mom. How did you know?
Grandma got me socks again.
Wait, there’s money inside!
Thank you, mom. Thank you, dad.
Dad. Football’s on!
Can we eat in front of the TV? Please?
Mmmmm. Tamáles and posolé.
Is that fresh bread?
Everybody into the kitchen to help clean up?
Wait! There’s just two minutes left in the game!
Is that game still on?
I’m drying. I washed last time.
Hey! Die Hard’s on!
No. Let’s watch a Christmas Story.
Dad fell asleep on the couch. Again.
Honey. Wake up.
What a day.
I love you. I love Christmas.
I love you too.

Copyright 2022 by Jose Antonio Ponce