Today’s Poetry

We lost little Sam yesterday. He came to us when his friend, Jack, went into a nursing facility. He became not just a member of the family, but the love of Lynn’s life. While the poem here doesn’t mention him by name, it is with the same love and thanks that we miss him.

Rescue Dogs

The ad said “Rescue Me!”
It said we could get a puppy for free.
And so it was decided
we were really quite exited
about having another mouth to feed.

She sat on the bare tile floor
to get a look at these puppies and more.
He chose her without reservation
jumped into her lap without hesitation
and she was his from that moment on.

He had decided. Picked her out.
And we knew then without a doubt
he needed the company of another.
And so we adopted, as well, his father.
And I became his charge.

We laid down the rules straight away
but both ignored them as if to say,
“We’re family, these things don’t apply.”
We’re just like one of you guys.
You’re lucky we’re here.”

They took turns standing guard
and diligently watched over the yard.
The smaller one taking the high ground
where he could see all around
and alert his father to any danger.

And dad sat ready to pounce
should any genuine threat be announced.
They made sure that the world knew
our home was protected by these fierce two
and intruders were not allowed.

They set our lives to another rhythm.
We found we could not live without them.
Here was love we had missed all these years.
Unconditional. Unrestricted. Love without fear.
Comfortable. Like nothing ever before.

The years flew by and so they ruled
Waking us up. Putting us down. Keeping us schooled.
Making sure that we knew that we were safe.
Loved and cared for by these furry waifs.
Made to feel needed by the boyz.

As years passed and life flew by
The older one, Charlie, was not so spry.
Before he passed, though, he had learned
to be just a dog. A right he’d earned.
And one day he was just gone.

We mourned and suffered from his loss.
And Amigo, our youngest, was incredibly lost.
So we searched and found a new playmate.
A rescue dog to take Charlie’s place.
Although it would not be the same.

Our newest charge’s name was Sid.
Locked away for so long, he often hid.
And Amigo took Sid under his wing
and showed him the in and out’s of things
and just how to get the best of us.

Then finally another came our way.
A girl named Tilly, just given away.
She was the queen and let everyone know
that this was an entirely different show
We had to make a few adjustments.

These past few days have been filled with sorrow
We’d give anything if we could borrow
another day for our first one
Amigo’s heart had come undone
And we had to let him go.

It’s hard to let love slip away
To see the pain and feel betrayed
By life so fragile, imperfect, small
Saying goodbye to what we love most of all
And knowing we have to wait so long.

We wrapped him tight with all his toys
laid him next to his dad, our precious boyz.
I dreamed I saw Amigo sitting, legs splayed
Tongue out, smiling, coolly undismayed
On the path to heaven.

Behind him, Charlie trotted away
Unconcerned as if it were just another day.
Amigo got up and turned down the path
To hang out forever with his dad
And all those we have lost before.

Some folks make a fuss. How good we must be,
finding a dog who is truly in need.
Taking them into our small, comfy home
so that they won’t have to ever be alone.
How kind to rescue this pet.

The truth is we’re not the rescuers, see?
It’s the other way round. These dogs set us free.
They give us a purpose. They give us a role.
And end up making us worthy and whole.
They teach us what love should be.

A couple of dogs, seemingly discarded
just trot right into our hearts, unguarded.
Teach us the true meaning of life, love and loss.
And ease our transition when it’s our time to cross.
It is they who have saved our lives.

Copyright 2017 by Jose Antonio Ponce