Today’s Poetry


the thunder woke us in the middle of the night

an absolute torrential downpour

fat drops of rain punctuated by

brilliant flashes of lightning

the roaring voice of God

I had not heard thunder

seen lightning

smelled rain like that

since I was a boy

back then

we knew that it was God speaking

and speaking loudly

so thunderous and so forcefully

that it cracked the window pane

on my parents’ bedroom

my mother hurried

to burn the palm leaves

left over from Palm Sunday

an offering of respect to God

something to let him know we were listening

now, it’s just thunder and lightning

nature coming too close for comfort

it interrupts our lives

knocks the power out

sets off alarms in the neighborhood

makes me re-set the clocks in the house

when did we lose that respect for God?

when did we stop believing?

when did God leave us?

Copyright 2020 by Jose Antonio Ponce