Today’s Poetry

Were you there?

were you there that day, Lord, when the twin towers fell
and on the gallows when we sent that dictator to hell
were you there when the man broke his vows to his wife
and that lonely, young girl finally took her own life
when that animal, Lord, for absolutely no reason
was finally hunted into extinction

were you there, Lord, when the mother killed the child in her womb
when the junkie took his last shot in that dark hotel room
when the young soldier’s legs were brutally shattered
and I stepped over him as if he’d never mattered
when a sick, homeless man, Lord, hand scrawled sign in hand
begged for only a fraction of what others have

were you there, Lord, when the gunman shot a classfull of kids
so that he’d be remembered for the evil he did
when the unemployed man full of shame and despair
lost his home to the bank that just didn’t care
when the woman who had been, Lord, raped and abused
lay down for the pornographer’s camera and crew

were you there, Lord, when the prisoner’s ultimate fate
was carried out in the yard by another inmate
when an old woman, her family and friends all now gone
simply gave up and died in the small nursing home
when the priest raped the child, Lord when the man beat his mate
our generation doomed to suffer the same fate

were you there, Lord, when the drunk coming home from the bar
killed a mother and her children driving home in their car
when the vulture crept closer to a child starved by war
when greed made one man rich and another man poor
a dog kicked and abused, Lord one child bullied another
when a young man deserted his child and her mother

of course, you were there, Lord and you must cry in sorrow
as your children have thrown away all their tomorrows
your mercy is as far as from east is to west
and we have selfishly put your love to the test
perhaps we will learn, Lord, to be your children again
and earn the right one day to stand in your heaven